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Word Editor 5.0 Crack & Serial Key

Word Editor Crack & Serial Key

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Word Editor, as its name suggests, is an application you can use to view, edit and convert Microsoft Word documents.

It can handle DOCX, RTF, TXT and PDF formats that are created using MS Office from 97 to 2010. As far as the interface goes, it very much resembles that of Microsoft Word which makes it highly comprehensive and easy-to-use by anyone.

As a text editor, you can expect that it offers you both basic and advanced tools. You can obviously change paragraph settings as well as font properties. You can add bullets, modify text alignment, change the font along with its size and color and even use predefined color schemes within your document.

It also allows you to insert custom sized tables and edit their structure. You can add columns and rows, as well as split them according to your needs. Images, OLE objects, text frames and hyperlinks can also be inserted which means Word Editor is more than capable of creating high-quality documents.

As far as page layout goes Word Editor allows you to switch between them. You can change the values for the page margins as well as add headers and footers. Formatting and Indents options are also available and enable you to create the optimal arrangement in your pages. In case you intend to export the document in PDF format, the application provides you with the option to add page breaks or aven a contour box.

An interesting feature that Word Editor has is the ability to lock text inside a sheet. This way, without selecting the exact words and unlocking them it’s impossible to erase them.

Word Editor is a good and reliable alternative to the popular Microsoft Office Word text editor but only if you intend to create a document that only requires basic formatting and styling.

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