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Word Password Recovery 8.5.1 Crack + Serial Key Download

Word Password Recovery Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download Word Password Recovery [Crack]

Word Password Recovery Standard is an advanced tool that features intuitive options for decrypting password-protected Microsoft Word documents, in case you have lost or forgotten them. It offers support for files created with MS Word from the 97 until the 2013 edition.

The installation procedure is quick and shouldn't give you any trouble, since there are no special options involved.

As for the interface, Word Password Recovery has a modern appearance and multi-tabbed window, where you can separately tinker with settings for recovering passwords, removing them (works only for files created with Word 97 until 2003), as well as for searching the computer for all encrypted files.

When it comes to password recovery, you can either instruct the tool to try all possible combinations of characters (brute-force attack), let you customize the types of characters to include, or use all words and phrases listed in a file. The last option is ideal if you have several possible passwords in mind but are unsure.

In case of the brute-force attack with mask mode, you can set the minimum and maximum length, exclude lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special symbols, create a personalized list with characters to use, as well as specify a prefix of suffix if you remember these details, in order to speed up the recovery time.

The options for the dictionary attack mode are simpler. You can either use a built-in dictionary or create a customized one in plain text format. Just remember to enter one word or phrase per line.

The password remover uses an online service. Meanwhile, the encrypted file searcher can run in quick or full scan mode to search the entire computer, local drives, My Documents folder, or any specified drives and directories for password-protected docs.

To sum it up, Word Password Recovery comes packed with comprehensive and approachable options for decrypting password-protected Word files. CPU and RAM usage was low in our tests.

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