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X-Cleaner 4.0.0 Crack With Serial Number

X-Cleaner Crack With Serial Number

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X-Cleaner is a handy and reliable application that was created to offer you the means of removing all Internet activity traces from your system, so as to prevent ill-intended individuals from accessing your data without your knowledge.

The program features several different components that are able to get rid of potentially dangerous information which is sometimes stored on your PC after having browsed the web.

As such, X-Cleaner enables you to work with the ‘Cleaning’ component, that lets you manually select the type of data that can be deleted from your system, such as cookies, temporary Internet files, browsing history, ‘Autocomplete’ information, as well as the details from a wide range of messaging tools, like ICQ, AIM or AOL.

Using the ‘Shredder’, you can permanently erase sensitive files from your system, ensuring that they are beyond recovery, even with professional software. To delete them, you can simply drag and drop them onto the main window of the utility, confirming the operation when prompted.

Moreover, X-Cleaner features a ‘Password Generator’ which allows you to create access keys of a user-defined length, with a preferred complexity: ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’, that will determine whether to include lower and upper case letters, numbers or other types of characters. You can then use the created password to protect your online accounts, by copying it clipboard and pasting it into the proper field.

The tool is able to detect and remove adware from the host system, so as to prevent them from taking up resources for no good reason. In addition, X-Cleaner lets you view and manage the startup programs, which is another way of ensuring that you only run the applications you need on your computer, thus reducing the potential for threats.

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