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XG-Wizard 2.01 Crack & Keygen

XG-Wizard Crack & Keygen

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Download XG-Wizard [Crack]

XG-Wizard is an editor/librarian for all Yamaha XG compatible sound devices like SW1000XG, MU-, CS-, QY, CVP-, PSR series, etc.

XG-Wizard also can be used to edit all main settings of any GM compatible sound device (made by Roland, Korg, etc.).

XG-Wizard supports PLG boards, FX Modules, Audio Parts and up to 32 XG Parts.

Here are some key features of "XG Wizard":

■ Remote Control Interface keep your hands on your MIDI keyboard all the time while editing your XG device

■ Syx-Transmitter send any message to any MIDI device to setup your complete equipment (not only XG!) or to change a bunch of settings while a song is performed in a studio or live session

■ Fader Automatization updates and animates faders, knobs env-, lfo- und filter graphics in realtime

■ Integrated MIDI Player now with progress bar, auto-playback, part mute, solo, loop etc. sends its output to the fader automatization too

■ Mixer Mode to route a sequencer's midi output to XG-Wizard and pass it to the Fader Automatization

■ Tuning Scale Macros comes with more than 70 tuning scale macros but you also can create your own ones

■ Delay Time Calculator to e.g. easily synchronize a delay parameter to a song tempo

■ Virtual Keyboard now with additional wheels to trigger various controllers

■ Transmit as Controller to edit all GM compatible sound devices too

■ XG-Mapper transform Controller in realtime into SysEx messages

■ Key Play to play melodies or even chords on your computer keyboard

■ FX Sections

■ Reverb, Chorus, Variation, Insertion1, Insertion2, Vocal Harmony (requires PLG100-VH), Multi EQ

■ Voice Selector with search & remote control functions

■ Drum Editor

■ Keyboard Range Editor

■ Audio Mixer

■ Copy Part, init Part, set default value etc.

■ MID & SYX file support

■ Merge Music Data only

■ Merge XG & Music Data

■ Optional save without XG reset command

■ Optional loading of 'hidden' SysEx data

■ User Definable Color Interface

■ And lots of other useful functions.


■ 30 days trial

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