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XMLmind XML Editor 10.0 Crack With Serial Key Latest 2021

XMLmind XML Editor Crack With Serial Key Latest 2021

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XMLmind XML Editor is a straightforward and practical piece of software that provides you with a simple means of editing XML files and creating standalone documents.

The main window of the program is user-friendly and helps you to load a new XML file or create a new XHTML / HTML page. The menus are well-organized and allow you to insert new XML sources, search for specific elements, edit attributes and add new references inside the current document.

In case you want to create a new page, you can navigate to the File menu and access the proper option. Since all the templates are organized in categories, you are able to easily master XML vocabularies such as DITA, DocBook, MathML or XHTML. Therefore, you can create a new ‘Glossary Entry’, ‘Chapter’, ‘Book’, ‘Inline Math’ or ‘XHTML’ document.

After creating your new XML file, you can easily view information about the included elements, the document structure or the table of contents by accessing the Add option from the View menu. Additionally, you are able to set the position where all the necessary data will appear in your document. The ‘XML Source’ option displays the code in a new tab or in the Console section, thus allowing you to edit the scripts according to your needs.

Since XMLmind XML Editor can open a XML document in the read-only mode, it ensures that the file always stays valid and preserves the physical content as much as possible. Whitespaces, character entities and CADA sections, to name a few, will not be modified.

What’s more, the application enables you to resize the table column by dragging its border so you can get a better overview on attributes, comments and processing instructions.

Other important features that the program comes with allow you to compare XML documents, no matter the location of the files (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS / WebDAV, Google Drive), record and replay macro-commands, as well as replace regular expressions.

All in all, XMLmind XML Editor comes in handy especially for technical writers who need to create custom XML documents according to their needs.

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