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Yellow Pages Spider 4.02 Crack With Activation Code 2022

Yellow Pages Spider Crack With Activation Code 2022

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Yellow Pages Spider is an application designed to provide users with the possibility to easily find details on businesses in Yellow Pages directories.

The program's main window is divided in two horizontal panels, one of them working as a web browser, while the other designed to offer info on the results of a specific search.

A set of buttons placed on the top-side of the window allow users to easily start fetching the desired data, while also offering the usual set of navigation buttons that a web browser features.

With this tool, users can navigate the various country websites of Yellow Pages, which makes it a great option for people in a few dozen countries out there.

For every discovered business, Yellow Pages Spider can deliver a wide range of details, including info on address and phone number, as well as website and other contact information. Moreover, it also allows users to easily access the website of any business that has one.

Fetched data can be easily exported for later use, but the application can also open a map to show the location of a business. Moreover, users can easily dismiss all search results and kick off a new search process, all with only a few clicks.

Users can set the application to display only the info they are interested in, and also allows them to connect to Yellow Pages via a proxy connection in order to protect their identity.

Overall, Yellow Pages Spider appears to be performing quite fast, though users might bump into issues when it comes to connecting to the desired Yellow Pages website sometimes. Even so, the tool should prove a great solution for those interested in learning more info on a specific business or to find new places near them or around the world, especially courtesy of its simple, intuitive interface.

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