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YUVTools 3.0.892 Crack + Activator (Updated)

YUVTools Crack + Activator (Updated)

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YUVTools is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you play, convert, and analyze YUV video data in its raw formats.

The program offers support for a multitude of tweaking parameters so you need to experiment a little bit with its features in order to understand each function.

You may also rely on tooltips for viewing short descriptions about each parameter. Tooltips are displayed each time you hover your mouse cursor over a specific feature.

The utility can also be controlled from the command-line console in case you are familiar with inputting commands in the CMD environment.

YUVTools gives you the possibility to play custom files (e.g. YUV, RGB, Y, U, V, UYNV, Y422, YUY2). Plus, it is able to play data in 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 YUV sample format, or in 4:4:4 RGB format.

You may play files in a different component order (like YUV, YVU, UYV, RGB), in progressive (one single field) or interlaced (two fields) format, in planar or packed pixel format, or in predefined or arbitrary resolution. You can choose between several FOURCC modes.

Basic playback controls are implemented for helping you start or stop the current selection, reverse the playing mode, drag the built-in slider to a certain frame, and choose the YUV components that are displayed. A file history manager keeps track of all opened items and allows you to quickly load them.

You can perform conversion tasks between YUV, RGB, UYNV, Y422, YUY2, and other file formats, join two files into a single item, crop an area from YUV files, flip YUV files vertically, merge single Y, U, and V components into a single YUV item, as well as split Y, U, and V components into separate files.

YUVTools is able to calculate the PSNR value between two YUV files and generate a report, check the differences between two YUV items, overlay info on top of YUV items, and check motions between two adjacent frames.

When it comes to editing functions, you may inspect and alter YUV files, put one picture on top of another YUV image, and perform AVI to YUV decoding tasks and YUV to AVI encoding actions.

The bottom line is that YUVTools comes packed with advanced and powerful features for helping examine you YUV or RGB video data, and is suitable especially for software/hardware developers and professional users.

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