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Zend Guard 6.0.0 Crack + Serial Key Download

Zend Guard Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download Zend Guard [Crack]

Zend Guard is a powerful tool that enables web app developers to protect their work and prevent other users from accessing their code. You can use this program to encode the source code in order to restrict the access to important information.

Any developer who creates applications for a profit knows the importance of protecting the code from being used without their consent. Encoding and obfuscation are two of the methods used to make the code unreadable and create applications that are hard to reverse-engineer.

This program aims to provide support for both methods when dealing with PHP-based applications. It features a simple interface which enables you to specify all the files that you want to protect.

In order to protect your files, you need to create a project and specify the location of the source code and file types that will be encoded. Before encoding the files, you also need to specify the PHP version and code optimization level.

Besides encoding the source, the developer can set an expiration date and use a generated key in order to create evaluation versions. The expiration date as well as other parameters can be customized for each file included in your project.

The application preferences enable you to obfuscate PHP variables, classes and functions. Additionally, you have the option to generate and export license keys for your projects.

Although the program is designed for developers, the documentation includes tutorials, video presentations and resources that enable beginners to get accustomed to the main features.

If you need to protect PHP applications from being used or reverse-engineered without your consent, Zend Guard allows you to encode and obfuscate the code with minimum effort.

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