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ZipEnable Crack With Activator Latest 2022

ZipEnable Crack With Activator Latest 2022

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Developers who require HTTP compression are aiming to achieve increased file delivery speed, faster page loading and reduced bandwidth allocation. ZipEnable is an application that was developed in order to help users configure their IIS compression parameters.

Although it provides reliable operation and action, the IIS package that comes pre-installed with users’ operating systems didn’t have any compression on older versions such as IIS 4 or IIS 5.

Version 6 however does feature core Web server code compression, but lacks any graphical user interface for configuring the characteristics of the compression.

With ZipEnable, one will be able to benefit from IIS’s compression at its fullest, by accessing a configuration module and allowing people to adjust site-level compression, determine compression schemes and access advanced settings that were only reachable through IIS’s metabase.

Thanks to ZipEnable, people will be able to do more than just enabling or disabling IIS compression and they will be able to access advanced native compression configuration options, for global, site, directory or file level.

Furthermore, the application also offers HTML and CSS code optimization in order to improve performance and prevent hacker’s unwanted attacks. By using its capabilities, people will be able to reduce bandwidth costs and therefore allow more servers for handling the output.

Experienced users will be able to configure compression exclusions, based o HTTP version, proxy usage or request type and the utility also allows them to modify compression schemes in accordance to the file type.

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