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AKick Data Recovery 1.3 Crack Plus Serial Key

AKick Data Recovery Crack Plus Serial Key

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista


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Whether it was a power surge or you deleted a document that you accidentally selected along with other data that you wanted to delete, these are just two common scenarios on how you can lose critical data from your computer.

AKick Data Recovery is a lightweight utility designed to help you restore documents, photos as well as media files that you wiped accidentally or intentionally from your PC or other storage devices that you can connect to your computer.

The installation is a quick and straightforward process that implies following a few standard steps that you are accustomed to if you installed software solutions on your operation system before. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a splash screen that prompts you to specify the type of data you are trying to restore.

Therefore, you can choose between Photo, Media or Document in case you are looking for something specific. You can opt for the All data if you are attempting to recover other types of data, such as Python scripts, for instance.

Regardless of the category of data you select, you are required to specify the volume it was stored on and then allow the application to scan the drive. Depending the size of the drive and the type of data, the scan can take just a few seconds.

The program displays a list of the files that can be recovered along with other relevant data, such as the type, size, the date when it was last modified, path and the changes of recovery. It is important to note that the sooner you attempt to recover a file, the better chances you have to restore it.

You should know that the tool also includes a search field where you can narrow down your search and find the file you want via a keyword.

All in all, AKick Data Recovery is an intuitive tool with a straightforward functionality that provides you with a quick method to recover files that you deleted from your hard disk, smartphone, tablet or other external storage devices.

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