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Briz Chart Video Player 1.00 Crack + Activation Code

Briz Chart Video Player Crack + Activation Code

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It is often necessary to present various statistics to your audience while playing a video, such as TV ratings or other types of useful data. However, you normally need to rely on two separate applications for this purpose, which is less than ideal.

Briz Chart Video Player is a useful application that provides you with an interesting alternative, as it enables you to display this information together with the video stream within the same window.

Once you have opened your video file, you need to specify where the related data should be imported from. The application can establish a connection to an MS SQL or MS Access database, as well as extract data from Excel, TXT and CSV files.

When loading statistical information from a spreadsheet or text file, you can customize various parameters to ensure the data fields are imported correctly.

Briz Chart Video Player can come in handy in a number of scenarios, as it enables you to present video-related information in a very straightforward manner.

Multiple parameters can be monitored at the same time, and each of them is displayed using a unique color to make them easier to identify. It is possible to enable or disable items at any time, and their labels are listed for your convenience.

The chart data can be saved after all the values have been imported, and it will then be added automatically when the video is opened at a later date.

Briz Chart Video Player supports a fair number of video formats, and we did not run into any major issues while playing the clips during our tests. However, it is worth noting that their aspect ratio is not preserved when changing the dimensions of the program window.

Also, while the program is not particularly difficult to use, novices may need some guidance when attempting to import data. Sadly, though, no documentation is available.

On the whole, Briz Chart Video Player is a promising software solution that can help you present relevant statistics while playing video content. It could use some more polish, but it is versatile and quite intuitive.

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