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CryPixels 1.2.0 / 1.3.2 Commercialware Crack + License Key (Updated)

CryPixels Crack + License Key (Updated)

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As its name makes it quite clear, CryPixels is a well-designed, cross-platform application (for both Windows and macOS) that provides you with all the necessary tools and an appropriate environment for creating pixel art sprites.

Right off the bat, here are some of the most relevant features this nifty procedural sprite generator has to offer. For starters, it's worth pointing out that it allows you to create .crypix grids with dimensions up-to 32x32 pixels.

It allows you to mirror the grid vertically, horizontally, or in both directions if you do so desire. You're also provided with other useful options such as the possibility to export your projects as PNG files in both original pixel size or scaled pixel size, import and export .crypix grid files, and undo or redo grid changes up-to ten times.

The application allows you to view your projects using three, self-explanatory view modes, namely Split, Grid, and Output. Since we're on the subject, you might also want to know that the utility is capable of outputting a staggering number sprites per regeneration (up to 500).

You're also provided with lots of useful options, starting from the possibility to resize the grid, and flip its X and Y axis on the fly, to changing the background color, the border darkness, the color variations, the saturation and the base brightness of your pixel art sprites.

There's a good chance you'll find the 1-bit mode and the 1px brush to be of great use, especially if you're aiming for a retro style for your sprites. It's also worth highlighting that CryPixels comes with support for keyboard shortcuts for all of its tools and features, as you can check for yourself by simply clicking the "Shortcuts" button from the lower left part of the main window.

To conclude, if you're in the market for sprite generator then CryPixels is definitely worth buying. You can test out most of the app's functionality before buying it by downloading the demo version and by starting off with one of the 15 provided examples (which can be loaded from the new grid screen).

It doesn't require installation, it's very easy to work with, and it offers enough sprite customization features to make it worth your while.

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