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Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader 6.381 Crack + Keygen Download 2024

Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader Crack + Keygen Download 2024

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Download Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader [Crack]

The advancement in technology allowed us to map out the entire globe and even create 3D representations, with fully interactive, street view pictures. Besides virtual tourism, GPS systems are strongly related to these services, just like Yahoo, for which you can grab maps with Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader.

After a quick and uneventful setup process, you’re free to go and run the application to see what it’s all about. Visuals might not make a good first impression, with the overall layout window being wrapped in a classic theme. On the other hand, this makes accommodation quick and easy, with clearly visible elements.

Contrary to your expectations, the main window is not fitted with a map, with the preview area being actually a real-time log analyzer. The other half of the space is equipped with several value fields, a few buttons, and save dialog.

The whole process works by defining an area using coordinates, and also specifying the zoom level. The bad part is you don’t exactly know what you’re going to grab, unless researched before. Other than that, you can save the task for later downloads, and specify where the output file goes.

It all takes a little while to grab the specified map portion. Taking a look at the options menu lets you set default path to save, number of threads to use, as well as the possibility to grab all maps via a proxy server you manually need to connect to.

Sadly, when finished downloading a map you’re not offered to view it. The file generated is not a common image file type, but can be accessed from a built-in viewer. There aren’t any controls to manage other than navigation, and this means there’s no button to save the map as an image file on your computer.

All things considered, Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader comes with good intentions, but the overall process of defining a map, as well as downloading it can take a while, and might leave you scratching your head every now and then. If you know the exact coordinates just punch them in for quick download, otherwise the application might not meet your demands.

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