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Easypano Studio Standard 10.04.200819 Crack & Serial Number

Easypano Studio Standard Crack & Serial Number

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Easypano Studio Standard is a complex graphic tool bundle, that includes two powerful designers, for creating 360 degrees panoramic images and Flash virtual tours. Panoweaver and Tourweaver are the two components that compose Easypano Studio Standard and enable you to create interactive presentations for houses, institutions, resorts or other locations.

Panoweaver enables you to upload a group of photos, representing a large, continuous subject, in order to stitch them together and obtain a 360-degree panorama. It is indicated that the photos are taken from a still place, while the camera rotates at 360 degrees and captures frames from multiple angles. You may create spherical images, cubical, cylindric, or little planet panoramas. The photo batches must contain photos of the same size, color depth and dots per inch level, for homogeneous image quality.

Additionally, you may create interactive 360 degrees panoramas, with rotative camera view, that creates the feeling of being in that particular spot. You may save the presentation as a Flash file and upload it onto websites. The dynamic panoramas are suitable for virtual tours of restaurants, hotels, institutions, resorts or other closed spaces.

With Tourweaver, you can create website presentations and harness the dynamic panoramas you designed in Panoweaver. The software enables you to create the full design for the main page, the secondary pages, the loading screen, as well as any pop-up windows. You are offered a blank canvas, that you can customize based on your preferences, with titles, text boxes, images, Flash presentations, music or videos.

Moreover, you can set hotspots in the panoramic presentations, in order to offer the viewer a 3D feeling. As an end-user, you may use your cursor in order to click on a spot and drag the image to several directions. The presentation page may also contain logos and customizable menus, scene viewers or even map viewers.

Easypano Studio Standard can offer you suitable tools for creating interactive presentations and 360 degrees panoramic images. You may create still panoramas and dynamic view setups, where the end-user can scroll to any direction and take a virtual tour of the building or place you advertise. Thus, with Panoweaver, you can create the panoramic image, while with Tourweaver, you can design the virtual tour webpage.

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