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Examine32/Examine64 Text Search 7.21 Crack + License Key Download 2024

Examine32/Examine64 Text Search Crack + License Key Download 2024

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Download Examine32/Examine64 Text Search [Crack]

Examine32/Examine64 Text Search is a powerful application that enables you to find a certain phrase in multiple types of files, stored on your computer. You may search for text and binary files, using plain text expressions, logical indicators or GREP-like phrases. Moreover, the software can process special symbols or specific syntax.

The software enables you to conduct two different types of searching: the text search, which implies that you enter the desired word or phrase, or the logical search, which allows you to insert two phrases linked by a logical connector. Moreover, you need to select the specific folder that contains the files you are looking for.

You may set the software to search for a fixed phrase, enable proximity words, find parts or entire words, as well as use Unicode for binary files. Based on the specified phrases and rules, the software can scan all the files contained in the indicated folder, even subfolders, then return the results.

The regular expressions supported by Examine32/Examine64 Text Search are derived from the UNIX utility, GREP and enables you to perform complex text searches, using special characters, such as braces, slashes or mathematical signs. Placing one of the special characters at the beginning or the ending of a word, triggers specific actions: marks the beginning of a sentence, indicates the doubling of an instance or replaces a certain letter.

Each search returns the number of identified lines, as well as the containing files. Each query results are displayed in a new window. The supported files include text documents, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, XML, archives or other binary formats.

Examine32/Examine64 Text Search enables you to find a certain word, piece of text, even characters in different types of files. The software supports complex searching processes, insert two phrases, logical connectors or GREP regular expressions. You can accurately identify any phrase or word in files that contain text.

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