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Helicon TimeSync Crack Full Version

Helicon TimeSync Crack Full Version

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Hundreds of photos store your memories so organizing them efficiently is a must. However, photos from a certain event are oftenly taken with different cameras or even phones, which means they have different name formats and different timestamps. The goal of Helicon Time Sync is to provide a quick means of modifying the timestamp of all the pictures in your collection.

To begin with, you must add all the images that you want to process. Right from the start, you will notice that Helicon Time Sync organizes them by date, separating photos taken at different moments in time. So the first step is done from the very beginning.

The timestamp of an image is displayed within the right panel. This is where you can enter the new date and time, or simply specify the time shift. For all the other photos, the time shift is automatically computed, which is one of the most important features of Helicon Time Sync. With a few clicks, you can mark multiple images for syncing and start processing them.

You might think that you press the 'Save' button and that's all. In fact, doing so reveals a new window that encloses additional options for renaming the processed photos and modifying the EXIF data. As such, you can also use Helicon Time Sync as a file renamer.

Photos in your collection can be opened in the viewer, which reveals detailed information regarding the picture, such as its size, type, file name, color depth and color profile, all placed alongside the histogram.

With all the options it provides, it's clear that Helicon Time Sync can deliver a reliable photo organizer. Not only that it can sync timestamps or alter a file's age, but it also allows you to batch rename images and modify EXIF data. It should be great with large photo collections taken with different devices.

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