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Hyperstars 3D 2.01 Crack Plus Activation Code

Hyperstars 3D Crack Plus Activation Code

Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Every single one of us wished at some point to see the stars and to engage in a space journey. This will still be a dream for many of us, since we lack the technology for fast interstellar travel.

Although we have simulators that can create the illusion of space travels, we cannot know for sure how it feels, as we only began exploring space and the stars found in the vicinity of our planet.

For space enthusiasts, Hyperstars 3D offers a small view of their dream. The application acts as an animated wallpaper that simulates the hyperspace jump, along with the visual effect of interstellar traveling. The program requires DirectX installed in order to function properly.

Hyperstars 3D is an animated wallpaper application that displays the visual effects that a hyperspace travel might have. You can “live” the feeling of traveling in a spaceship between stars.

Furthermore, the application has many options that can change the visual effects displayed. You can change the speed of the “star travel” so you can better observe each passing object.

Additionally, you can change the flying direction, thus allowing you to see the stars passing behind as your virtual spaceship keeps going forward.

One of the most visually-stunning features is the fact that you can set the application to randomly select a color theme from the ones provided. You do not have to stare at the same color scheme, as you can have many star colors, such as blue combined with purple stars, or yellow and green ones.

Hyperstars 3D is a lightweight, yet powerful application that can help you virtually travel in hyperspace, by animating your desktop. In addition, you can use the program as a screensaver, which provides you with the same amazing visual effects for your idle screen.

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