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iFileRecovery 5.20 Crack With Serial Key Latest 2024

iFileRecovery Crack With Serial Key Latest 2024

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Whether it was a power surge, a malware infection or your hard drive crashed, the result is that you lost valuable data that you may need for various home and business projects. iFileRecovery is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you restore a wide variety of files, even on the same drive.

Following a quick and uneventful installation, you come face to face with a clean and intuitive interface but that does not seem to be active. Due to the nature of this application, you should bear in mind that it requires you run it as administrator.

The interface consists of three main sections, namely a dashboard that enables you to explore the contents of the volumes along with the folders and sub-folders. You can analyze the data in the directories further and learn information such as size, the date of creation, modification or when it was last accessed, attributes, ID and Parent ID, from the right panel.

The lower panel from the working area can be used to find out various attributes of the files, including but not limited to ReadOnly, Hidden, Archive, System, Compressed and Encrypted.

Functionality-wise, the application is as simple as it gets and it is unlikely to give you any troubles, regardless of whether you have worked with similar utilities before. Therefore, once you scan the desired volume, you can preview the list of files that have been recently deleted.

Unfortunately, the tool does not include a preview option, so you have to assume based on the name of the files and other available data. Recovering the data is a fast process that entails specifying the output folder and your overwrite preferences. A noteworthy feature is that you can save the file on the same volume as the one you are recovering from.

All in all, iFileRecovery is a straightforward tool that enables you to restore files and folders that have been recently deleted from your computer without too much hassle.

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