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JetDrive 9.4 Crack With Keygen 2021

JetDrive Crack With Keygen 2021

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Whenever you want to install a new application on your computer, Windows simply looks for the first spot available marked as OK to write over. If the new file is larger than the one that has been deleted, then the OS writes as much as the space permits and then moves to the next spot, so this is how you can end up with files split into multiple locations on your hard disk.

JetDrive is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to defragment your hard drives as well as the files that are split in order to boost up the performance of your computer.

Even though it displays its functions in the main window, the program includes a sleek, clean and organized interface. The utility is as simple as it gets, meaning that you only need to hit one button whereas the app analyzes your disk and provides you with the corresponding recommendations.

You should know that the app also exhibits a summary of your system's resources, namely the available space and the type of hard drive, in the main window. The feature can be useful to determine if defragmentation is the only culprit for your computer's poor performance.

It is necessary to mention that that the program can also help you perform a Windows registry defragmentation. Similarly to the hard disk, the registry can also degrade in time due to the amount of data being added, edited or deleted.

While the decrease in performance is not as noticeable as in the hard disk defragmentation case, grouping the operating system's registry represents yet another way to improve your PC's functionality.

In the eventuality that you noticed that your computer is not as fast or as responsive as it used to be some time ago, then it is likely that the hard disk is defragmented. JetDrive can help you boost the performance of your PC by moving and grouping together different parts of the same file.

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