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Memo Book Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

Memo Book Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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Nowadays, actions like writing books, working on dissertations or keeping diaries are very well made possible by the text editors on our computers. While some of them may come with large sets of powerful features for editing your texts and documents, the large majority are not really cut out for organizing large amounts of information.

Here is where a powerful piece of software like Memo Book comes into play.

In a few words, Memo Book aims to provide you with a suitable environment and all the necessary tools needed for both editing and organizing your documents. In fact, Memo Book is not an actual text editor per se, but more of a personal information manager.

Subsequent to its installation, you are greeted by what seems to be a typical text editor main window. In fact, most of the elements found on Memo Book's interface resemble or emulate those found in any modern text editor.

The main difference is, of course, the panel that enables you to view your stored text documents with attached files in a flexible three-like structure, very similar to what you would find in the Windows Explorer.

Working with Memo Book is quite a straightforward process, partly thanks to a very intuitive layout, partly to its resemblance to a text editor and also thanks to its support for drag and drop. This means that files can be added and managed within its interface via simple drag and drop gestures.

In terms of editing your documents, it is safe to say that Memo Book does not disappoint, as it comes with support for paragraphs, tables, lists, images, backgrounds, URLs, headers and footers, page numbers and many others. Needless to say that the basic and most common text editing features that you are used to are also part of this app's repertoire.

You may also find noteworthy that the app can export parts or even the whole tree structure to a new Memo Book-specific file (.mbk), HTML, CHM or PDF. Last but not least, when it comes to storing personal info, security is an issue that must be taken into account. For this reason, Memo Book enables you to use secure encryption algorithms like AES 256 to keep your information private.

All in all, Memo Book is a powerful and useful software solution for keeping large numbers of documents both securely stored and well organized.

While the app's current interface does a good job at providing you with a suitable way to interact with the it, we would say that an updated interface would make the app even more appealing. Furthermore, for some users a cloud-based synchronization would be of great value, since it would enable them to access their work from anywhere and from other devices.

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