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NetOptimizer Crack + Keygen Updated

NetOptimizer Crack + Keygen Updated

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When you notice your speed of your web connection is no longer what it used to be, you do not need to start looking to upgrade your hardware right away. Instead, you can try a dedicated utility, such as NetOptimizer.

This application comes with a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) that makes it easy for everyone to understand its features.

It also displays a flurry of details about the computer it is running on, such as the OS version, make and model of the processor, amount of RAM, computer name and IP.

First off, those with little PC skills can go for the Auto Mode as this scans several parameters of your PC, such as Internet connection speed, I/O latency, data caching, network performance, throughput and efficiency. Once this analysis is complete, it automatically improves their performance, without any input from the user.

Alternatively, you can choose to discard the recommended settings and manually configure them via the Advanced Mode. More advanced users can go ahead and modify only the parameters they deem the most important by typing the appropriate values.

Another neat feature of NetOptimizer is that you can quickly and easily erase browser cookies, history entries, cache and temporary files, passwords or form autocomplete data. The application analyzes your computer, detects all the installed browsers and offers you the possibility to handle Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Internet Explorer data.

All in all, NetOptimizer can come in handy to all those who expect more from their web connection speed and lack the knowledge to use command line solutions or expert ones. Its interface is pretty straightforward and you get complete control over the network settings that are modified on your machine.

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