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NoVirusThanks Deletion Extension Monitor Crack + Keygen

NoVirusThanks Deletion Extension Monitor Crack + Keygen

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Download NoVirusThanks Deletion Extension Monitor [Crack]

Working with a Windows-based computer often requires you to keep in touch with several components, to keep its functionality at optimal parameters.

However, doing so without specialized help can be a tedious task and might have an adverse impact on your productivity. One of the applications that can help you in the situation described above is NoVirusThanks Deletion Extension Monitor.

This program comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that packs a set of intuitive functions, which are neatly organized so that you do not need to spend precious time looking for them.

However, given that it lacks local help documentation and its features are designed to help experienced users, you need to have at least medium computer skills to understand and operate its controls to their full extent.

Unlike its name suggests, NoVirusThanks Deletion Extension Monitor can be used to track the creation of files on your system by filtering their extensions. It comes with a monitor component that displays all the generated items that fit with the parameters you have configured. However, it does not provide you with real-time information, as populating the list is slightly delayed.

In order to use this component, you need to activate it by ticking the corresponding checkbox under the Monitoring menu. More so, you can customize the files that are logged by selecting a series of extensions from the File Extensions window in the same menu or activating the monitor mode for all extensions.

Additionally, you can export the generated log by right-clicking any item in the main window, selecting the Save Report option and defining a destination path on your computer.

You can also clear all the items in the list, open a file's containing folder and copy the enclosed details to the clipboard for future reference.

To sum it up, NoVirusThanks Deletion Extension Monitor is a lightweight application that can help you track file creation on your computer and filter it by extension type. It comes with a non-complicated layout, packs intuitive functions, but requires at least medium computer skills due to its lack of help documentation, which might confuse certain users.

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