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Oloneo HDRengine 1.1.400.438 Crack + Activation Code

Oloneo HDRengine Crack + Activation Code

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Images help shape advertising, banners, entertainment, education and business. It's a common task to take a picture since most mobile devices are equipped with a camera. Editing on the other hand is not for everybody, but specialized applications such as Oloneo HDRengine give you the possibility to easily enhance your images.

The application’s core function, as the name suggests, is dedicated to applying and adjusting HDR on your selection of images to deliver a clean, professional feel. There are two main sections you get to work with, namely a file browser and the editor itself. These are cleverly organized in tabs and can be easily accessed.

The whole content of a folder is loaded so you have to make sure that images you want to edit are all found there. However, the application supports drag and drop so you can easily and quickly edit single pictures on the fly. The application comes with an automatic tool to determine the intensity of HDR to apply, with the possibility to select a picture or more and trigger the creation of a HDR tone map.

This throws you directly into the editor, with a preview of your image. Although you might expect editing options to be limited to applying HDR filters, the application is capable of a little bit more. A handful of presets are available, stored in categories like natural, artistic or special FX, with effects such as blue sky, sepia, grunge, old photo and warm toning being only a few.

Other than that, a few more tools can be used either to manually adjust several sliders or have enhancements applied automatically. This is done with the high dynamic tone mapping tool, which lets you select the area of interest that can either be local or global. Depending on your selection, a few sliders for exposure, detail and contrast become available.

In addition, low dynamic tone can also be altered. This mostly alters or enhances the overall color filter of your pictures. Unfortunately, you cannot save any configurations to directly apply to other images. What you can do on the other hand, is specify an external editor for further processing, and this comes in handy seeing how the application lets you export your creations to Photoshop.

On an ending note, Oloneo HDRengine is a practical, intuitive and easy to use image processing application. Popular formats can be imported and greatly enhanced, with the possibility to even set up an external editor for more options. If you're looking for a quick method to enhance certain images, this application especially comes in handy to landscape pictures.

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