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OneClick-Pareto Crack + License Key

OneClick-Pareto Crack + License Key

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OneClick-Pareto is a powerful, yet easy to use Microsoft Excel add-in, which allows you to easily categorize data distribution based on the Pareto style. The add-in allows you to analyze the data contained in the selected cell range: you can pick the cells in a column or in a table. The results can be copied in a separate sheet.

The Pareto principle originates from the field of economy and it is also known as the 80-20 rule or the law of the vital few. The principle states that almost 80% of any series of effects are determined by a maximum of 20% of the causes.

The Pareto efficiency theory defines a resources distribution which makes it impossible for any one value to change for the better without causing changes for another value.

OneClick-Pareto is capable of applying the Pareto principle in order to analyze the selected data and determine which values are more likely to be more relevant to the entire range.

All you need to do is select the desired cell range, then click the OneClick-Pareto button on the command ribbon in Microsoft Excel. The data analysis starts instantly and the add-in prompts a separate window displaying the results. The cell values are displayed as categories, along with the number of their occurrences.

The add-in allows you to copy the results onto a new spreadsheet in the same workbook, for a better view. Moreover, it can generate a chart, that depicts the results of the analysis, for a graphic representation.

OneClick-Pareto is capable of offering you a comprehensive data analysis tool for Microsoft Excel. The add-in is highly useful in analyzing large databases, since it allows you to select a multitude of cells, in columns, rows or table sections. The add-in is simple to use and can copy the results of the analysis into the workbook.

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