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O&O DiskStat Server Edition 2.0.396 Crack + Activator Updated

O&O DiskStat Server Edition Crack + Activator Updated

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Understanding the manner in which files fill up storage space on your hard disk can prove essential when you are interested in improving the performance of your system.

With the help of O&O DiskStat Server Edition, you can analyze not only the used storage space on PCs, but also the manner in which these files take up space on servers within a company.

The application has been designed specifically for those of you who want to learn more on which files take up the most space on your drives. Regardless of whether these drives are connected to a server or they are included in workstations across the company, the program can analyze all of them.

Following the analysis, the software provides you with a chart view over the occupied storage on your drives and allows you to generate reports based on them. Thus, you can stay better informed on what you can change to optimize storage utilization.

The application includes support for three different types of charts, namely doughnut, bar, and treemap and displays them directly on its main window. Moreover, the program allows you to switch to any of them with a single mouse click.

You can copy these charts to other applications, and you can also print them, directly from the software. At the same time, the utility allows you to export these maps to pictures so that you can use them at a later date.

All in all, O&O DiskStat Server Edition can prove a reliable instrument for all system administrators out there. It allows them to detect drives that are heavily used and those that have only few files saved on them, as well as to create and view charts and reports on storage space usage of both servers and workstations across the company.

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