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PloView 10.06 Crack With License Key Latest

PloView Crack With License Key Latest

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PloView is a comprehensive HPGL and 2D Computer Assisted Design file editor and creator. The program can be used to make basic adjustments to files previously created in specialized applications.

Anyone involved with creating basic or complex 2D pictures will find this program useful. Users that frequently employ the aid of Autocad or similar products will find this a great tool for fine-tuning or applying quick corrections to images.

The resource comes with a somewhat full interface, since it relies on several menus, each with numerous items. Generally speaking, most of the GUI is taken up by the working project, however once one browses menus, the screen can become severely cluttered. Multiple quick-links to core functions, in the form of crisp buttons, adorn the top and left sides of the main frame.

PloView can open or create multiple types of files, including HPGLs, PDFs, DXFs, DWGs and PNGs. The program can be used either as a viewer, or as a simple editor for specialized image formats. The former option is self-explanatory, and constitutes a good use for this software, as the number of supported input documents is great.

When using the software as an editor, there are many functions that one can employ in order to adjust source images. For example, users can rotate or mirror objects, as well as change the color and width of the lines. The resource can also be used as an accurate measurement device (i.e. with regards to coordinates, length, area, width or angle). Besides adjusting existing items, users can also insert new objects, like circles, lines, free curves or rectangles.

In conclusion, PloView is a great tool for viewing specialized CAD files and an adequate resource for editing or making basic adjustments to images.

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