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Smartshot Chrome Extension 4.3.28 Crack With Activation Code

Smartshot Chrome Extension Crack With Activation Code

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If you work as a software developer or tester, you probably need an efficient way to capture your screen and save the resulting file on your computer.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide selection of software solutions that can help you achieve quick, convenient results. One of them is Smartshot Chrome Extension.

Please note that this is a Google Chrome extension, therefore it cannot work on your computer if you do not provide it with the required web browser.

This utility comes with a simplistic, user-friendly interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, making it highly accessible for a wide range of users, regardless of their PC skills.

No form of help documentation is provided to you. However, none is needed since its purpose is quite simple: helping you capture your screen, customize the image and share it with others, all from your web browser.

You can turn to Smartshot Chrome Extension if you need to take screenshots in a quick, convenient manner directly from your web browser. You can do so by either using the dedicated keyboard shortcuts or clicking the toolbar button and choosing an appropriate option from the menu, depending on your needs.

Among the supported modules, you can find partial capture, entire page capture, delayed capture and desktop screenshot. However, you can also upload a local image and modify it according to yout preference by using this utility's built-in editor component.

Additionally, this extension lets you edit captured images in various ways by bluring certain areas, highlighting them, adding annotations or drawing freely over the screenshot.

More so, you can share the resulting photo with your friends on several social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

All in all, Smartshot Chrome Extension is a lightweight Google Chrome extension that can help you capture snapshots of your screen, modify them and share them with others on the Internet. It comes with a user-friendly interface, packs a handful of intuitive functions and requires no complicated configuration.

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