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Team Scoreboard Crack + License Key Download

Team Scoreboard Crack + License Key Download

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Download Team Scoreboard [Crack]

In the eventuality that you challenged your friends or colleagues to a match of football or basketball, then one of the things that you have to agree upon is how to keep the score during the game.

Team Scoreboard is a lightweight scorekeeping application that enables you to manage the score for up to 100 teams during various sports events and other competitions.

The program includes an appealing and well-organized interface that is also customizable. To be more exact, you can modify the colors used for the scores, background, images, team names and the various buzz sounds by accessing the Options window.

It is necessary to note that the app opens 2 windows, one that enables you to add the teams and keep track of scores and another where you can only view the scoreboard. Even though the latter is designed for displaying the score via a projector, unfortunately you cannot close it without closing the application.

At the same time, adding the score is not exactly intuitive, especially since you need to add the number first and then hit the Enter key to add the new score.

An interesting feature included with the app is that it enables you to connect a projector and display the score on a large screen during an actual match. Moreover, you can add up to over 100 teams and access   the functions with dedicated hotkeys, an option that is nice to have, especially when you are also trying to view the match.

These features can surely come in handy if you regularly referee or are a constant spectator in local amateur sports events. In fact, you can use the app as an alternative to a physical scoreboard, especially  if the school or sports club is short on cash.

In case you are looking for a utility that enables you to keep track of the score at various matches and challenges or your sports club cannot afford an actual scoreboard, then Team Scoreboard could be of the solution to your problem.

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