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Total WMA Converter 1.5 Crack + Serial Number Download

Total WMA Converter Crack + Serial Number Download

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Download Total WMA Converter [Crack]

Total WMA Converter is an accessible and intuitive application designed to offer a fast method to convert numerous audio items at the same time, from various types to WMA format.

It's wrapped in a user-friendly interface divided into a file browser, the contained records from a specific folder, and a media player at the bottom of the window.  The process consists of several simple steps that the program guides you through. Some of the supported formats are MP3, MP+, MP4, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, ACC, WV, XM, MTM, UMX.

To modify and play an item, you just have to browse its location on the computer and select which one needs conversion. From the menu, you can enable or disable the subdirectory view. It displays detailed information about each record, such as name, size, type, modified date, duration, title, as well as channel, album and artist name, genre and year.

Using those categories, it's possible to sort them in a specific order for a quicker find.The app provides a built-in player that lets you listen to a single song at a time, and features a few navigational controls like play, stop, skip to the next item or the previous one.

Once the desired records are marked, you can proceed to the conversion process. A window is brought up, where you have to set the output directory, pick the starting and ending point, the sample rate (e.g. 8000, 32000, 48000Hz), as well as channels, the bit rate, and additional parameters. It's possible to delete the original files after transformation and open the location after it's completed.

Taking everything into account, Total WMA Converter is a useful utility that comes in handy when you want to easily transform multiple songs at the same time, while keeping their quality at a high level. During our testing, the tasks were executed swiftly.

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