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V360 Player 1.0.0 Crack + Serial Number Updated

V360 Player Crack + Serial Number Updated

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If your job implies handling 360-degree videos, you probably understand that attempting to do so without appropriate tools can be difficult, if not impossible.

Fortunately, you can turn to specialized software solutions, such as V360 Player, which can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results with minimum efforts.

This program comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that encompasses a handful of functions, which are neatly organized in standard menus.

Although it lacks a standard help manual, you can click the question-mark-shaped icon to display a set of on-screen instructions that provide you with useful information regarding hotkeys, pitch, roll, FPS and FOV.

You can turn to V360 Player if you need a quick, effective way to play 360-degree videos on your computer. After you launch the application, you need to import the desired file by dragging it from its location and dropping it on the main window.

It is possible to apply visual filters on your video, such as sepia, inverted colors, black and white or old TV screen, by clicking on the Effect menu and choosing the desired option.

Aside from providing you with playback support for local content, this application can also open online video streams. In order to do so, you need to choose the Open File/Stream option from the main menu.

Additionally, you can change parameters for UDP communication, change view projection mode and also select the default video plugin used to render your file. Among supported plugins, you can find VLC, VLC with DXVA 2 and DirectShow.

To wrap it up, V360 Player is a reliable application that can help you play 360-degree videos or online streams on your computer. It comes with a simple, user-friendly interface, packs a handful of straightforward functions, enables you to set visual filters for your content and features online stream playback support.

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