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World Map in Flash 1.01 Crack + Activator Download

World Map in Flash Crack + Activator Download

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Download World Map in Flash [Crack]

World Map Pro in Flash is a dynamic mapping solution to show any information worldwide. Your website's customers will be able to easily zoom in for any country and easily locate their points of interest.

Use this map:

■ to show international offices (international affiliates, hotel networks, etc)

■ to show worldwide communities and information on them

■ to improve search by providing information on any country or region

■ as a real estate or any other map/catalogue

■ to show zones worldwide (time zones, coverage zones, etc)

■ as a GPS tool, showing any position on Globe according to long/lat coordinates

Here are some key features of "World Map in Flash":

■ Pre-loader

■ Smooth color change on rollover

■ Scalable User Interface (highest resolution at any size)

■ GUI control

■ Sound events

■ Pop-up text on mouse over event

■ Hyperlinks provide web-links to additional / related resources. They can be attached to any map objects (countries, regions, points) using a column name or a text expression.

■ Attach photos, rich HTML description, and related events

■ Custom Infobox title, size, position for every country or location

■ Internet/Intranet usage

■ Shape and outline control (color schemes).

■ Enable to combine counties of data (dynamic regions)

■ Show / Hide neighbor countries on zoom

■ Smooth zooming

■ Seamless maps from selected layers

■ Inactive country option

■ Inactive group of countries option

■ Dynamic region and location outline clipping


■ Flash Player 8.0


■ 14 days trial period

■ Cannot change the background image

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