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Fast Folder Eraser Pro Crack + Keygen Updated

Fast Folder Eraser Pro Crack + Keygen Updated

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Guessing this app’s purpose is pretty easy given its self-explanatory name, but Fast Folder Eraser is actually capable of making the whole folder removal process a lot faster and more secure.

The plain and simple design is one of the things that make this possible, offering a very intuitive approach to select and remove folders on the go.

The tabbed interface lets you perform a folder removal on the fly if you are ok with the standard settings, but advanced users are highly recommended to have a look in there too.

Fast Folder Eraser can also work in the background, while a dedicated option reduces memory usage, which obviously means that the whole process takes more time.

Additionally, the app is capable of counting deleted files in real-time and even play a beep sound when the task comes to an end.

There are three file removal methods at your disposal, as it follows: standard file deletion, secure file deletion and delete files after reboot. The free version however offers only the first option.

Filters are available too, which is quite a great feature given the fact that this helps you delete only specific file extensions and skip others.

Thanks to the shell integration, it’s enough to simply right-click a folder to remove it from Windows Explorer, while the app doesn’t seem to slow down the system significantly.

All things considered, Fast Folder Eraser is a good app that’s a bit faster than the standard Windows utility. It however lacks a progress bar to show the overall process of the removal task and sometimes tends to turn into a real resource hog.

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